Download the program

The current version of JSoko can be downloaded here: Download

Release notes

You find the JSoko release notes here: Release notes


Since JSoko 1.74

JSoko is distributed as installer package. Choose the installer package according to your operating system and install JSoko just like any other program.

Note: JSoko will store the data in the common user folders used by your operating system. For Windows this is: %appdata%\jsoko

JSoko 1.0 - 1.73

To install JSoko you just need to unzip the file you have downloaded.

You can use any program that can unzip compressed files (for instance the program

Of course you must have the permission to write to the folder you want to unzip the file to.

For instance, when you have downloaded the file you can unzip it to the folder:


The program doesn't stores files outside the folder you have unzipped it to. This means you can just copy the folder "JSoko" to any other storage (for instance an USB flash drive) and then play from there.

Note: the program also saves the user settings into the folder it has been installed to. The program doesn't use a private settings file for each user of the program. Hence, all users share the same settings file. If a specific user wants to use different settings than another user it's recommended to copy the whole JSoko folder to another folder.


In order to use the program the Java runtime environment ( has to be installed. JSoko needs the Java runtime environment (JRE) 8 or higher.