New Level Collection "Orimaze - Maximum Solution Length Puzzles"

The new level collection "Orimaze - Maximum Solution Length Puzzles" from Brian Damgaard and me has been published. It contains the Orimazes having the longest solutions for a given size.

Orimaze is a sliding block puzzle similar to the 15 puzzle, where the player moves tiles around on a board with only one free slot.

But in contrast to the 15 puzzle, each tile is labeled "horizontal" or "vertical" and can only move along its designated axis.

Orimaze puzzles can be converted to Sokoban puzzles.

Brian Damgaard has started a project to find the Orimazes that have the longest solutions, which I joined.

Together we have implemented two programs that have calculated the Orimazes having the longest solutions for all sizes up to size 6*6.

A detailed description written by Brian can be found here.

Thanks to Brian for this great fun project!


The corresponding Sokoban levels having the longest solutions can also be downloaded this site.