Sokolution version 2.03

Florent Diedler has released a new version of Sokolution - the currently best Sokoban solver.


This version can be used as a plugin for Sokoban YASC.


Release notes:

  • Cyclic levels can now be solved (like GrigrSpecial #40)
  • Unlock MPDB (Multiple Pattern Database) parameter
  • Extended ASCII characters are now removed
  • Settings are now properly displayed in a default console size (80 x 25)
  • Improved deadsquare detection
  • Improved tunnel detection

The Multiple Pattern DataBase for X boxes called MPDB-X parameter is a pre-computation of deadlocks before the search starts. It computes all deadlocks created by X boxes. We can set the X value between 1 (very fast) and 4 (can be very long). 

By default, Sokolution v2.X uses a MPDB-2 because it is really fast even for big levels and it helps a bit the solving process.

Please note that the MPDB generation cannot be canceled if you use YASC or Sokoban++. 
Please also note that it uses threads and the CPU will be busy at 100% during this process.


Sokolution 2.03 can now solve 3045 of the 3424 levels all solvers have been tested with. The details can be found in the  Wiki .

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