JSoko 1.87 has been published

JSoko has been released in version 1.87

Please check out the release notes.


As always: please report any bugs, problems or suggestions to: JSoko@mail.de

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    michel (Friday, 18 October 2019 15:39)

    i have windows 10
    jsoko 1.86 64 bits
    and java 8 update 221
    when i click on jsoko no execution ???

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    Matthias Meger (Friday, 18 October 2019 16:36)

    There are several possible explanations.
    Please download the newest version of JSoko and be careful it's the correct version that is:
    if you have a 32bit Windows then download JSoko_1.87_windows_32bit.exe instead of the 64 bit version.

    If the installer reports no problems installing that new version, the program should be ready to be started.

    Other possible reasons:
    - the shortcut you click links to another version / to the wrong folder

    - your settings.ini file (from a previous installation) may be corrupted. To check this:
    1. press the windows key to open the search field
    2. there type: %appdata%
    3. press enter
    this should open the file explorer
    4. open the folder "jsoko"
    5. rename the file "settings.ini" to "settingsOld.ini"
    6. check if JSoko starts now (if not, you can rename the file to the old name again)

    If nothing helps please write an e-mail to: JSoko@online.de
    I can then describe how to start the program in a terminal. This way it's possible to see any error messages.