Sokoban YASC 1.659 published

Brian Damgaard has published a new version of his great and widely used Sokoban YASC program.


The release notes for this new version:

  • Bugfix: In the accompanying YASC optimizer, the so-called "Vicinity search" optimation method could sometimes overlook optimization opportunities depending on the last "L - T" pushes along the original solution path, where "L" is the length of the original solution and "T" is the number of threads in use for generating positions in the vicinity of a each position along the original solution path. Most likely, the harm was negligible because on ther are occasions where it could happen, the other optimization methods had a chance to take over and find the optimization. Thanks to Anian Wu for reporting this bug.
  • Minor changes.

A feature comparison of the main Sokoban programs can be found in the Sokoban Wiki.


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