Sokolution version 4.0 has been published

Florent Diedler has released a new version of Sokolution - the currently best Sokoban solver.


This version comes with lots of enhancements and is a little faster than the previous version due to a  refactoring of the whole code.


Now, there are 3 script files :

  • sokolutionBenchSingleFile.bat -> Use it to bench a single file with lots of levels inside (.sok, .txt, .txz or .xsb supported)
  • sokolution.bat -> Use it to bench packages located in ressouces/levels/ folder (default settings : GREEDY in Bidirectional mode, time limit = 10 minutes, memory limit = 1,5 GB)
  • sokolutionOptimal.bat -> Same as previous but to find optimal solutions (default settings: ASTAR in Forward mode, time limit = 60 minutes, memory limit = 12 GB)

Change log :

  • Add a powerful packing sequence that can help to solve levels with a goal room area
  • Add a special solver for big levels (levels with more than 255 floors and 3 boxes max)
  • Improve all algorithms in terms of time but takes a little bit more memory
  • Improve the penalty engine
  • Improve the deadlock engine
  • Fix some small bugs
  • Simplify the batch file for end users. The solver flag has been removed.

You can find details about which levels have been solved in the  Wiki .

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