Sokoban YASC 1.660 has been published

Brian Damgaard has published a new version of his great and widely used Sokoban YASC program.


The release notes for this new version:


Version 1.660

  • Added links to the Facebook Sokoban Group.
    This new group offers to  take over, now that the Yahoo company has discontinued their groups, including the Yahoo Sokoban Group.
    You find a link to the Facebook Sokoban Group at the top of the built-in help text, and at the top of the release notes.
  • Bugfix: A small cosmetic bug appeared in the gameplaying main window, if there were multiple views of the current level on the screen, and if the window was resized from a large or maximixed window to a smaller window.
    In that case, remnants of the beveled line drawn around the currently selected view appeared behind the semitransparent status bar.

A feature comparison of the main Sokoban programs can be found in the Sokoban Wiki.


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