Festival Sokoban Solver version 1.00 has been published

Festival is a Sokoban solver written by Yaron Shoham.
It is based on the novel FESS search algorithm (to appear in CoG 2020).

Festival is the first Sokoban solver that solves all 90 levels of the XSokoban benchmark!
See how Festival scores in other level sets in the solvers statistics wiki page.

This set of 90 levels, called XSokoban, has been used as a benchmark for most academic studies.

Since more than 20 years several solvers have been published trying to solve all XSokoban levels.
Being the first solver solving all 90 levels, Festival is a milestone in Sokoban solver development!

More information about the new "FESS" algorithm will be published at the 2020 IEEE Conference on Games (COG), which will be held from 24-27 August 2020.

You can download the solver from the Festival website.

The download also contains a file to install the solver into Sokoban YASC. For more information please visit the Festival website.

Thanks Yaron, for this fantastic new Sokoban solver!

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