Games 4 Brains has published Sokoblue - a Sokoban game playable online (Javascript).

GAMES 4 BRAINS' latest release "SOKOBLUE" is considered being one of the most playable box-pushing games around.


On their website Sokoblue is described this way:


What makes SOKOBLUE unique:

  1. SOKOBLUE plays immediately on most (about 99%) online devices (Computers, Smartphones, Tablets etc.)
  2. Your playing area will be enlarged to maximum size, which makes the game playable on both small and large devices.
  3. Select a unique Sokoban puzzle from one of our levelsets.
  4. Steer your pusher in a very comfortable way by hitting the box (pyramid) you want to move. You will be shown all places in reach. Now touch the destination field you like the box to be pushed to. The rest will happen automatically (as seen in older SOKOBLUE versions). Use key controls instead for pusher navigation if desired and possible.
  5. When finishing a level: Your moves- and pushes- records are saved separately. Your solution progress will be recorded. Use the SHOW mode to navigate through solutions. When a new moves- or pushes- record is done, your old performance data will be overwritten.
  6. Enjoy more than 200 exclusive stages in the current version. If you want more levels, look for updates from time to time!

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