Sokoban YASC 1.664 has been published

Brian Damgaard has published a new version of his great and widely used Sokoban YASC program.


The release notes for this new version:


Version 1.664

  • Seven new levels by Aymeric du Peloux
    Added seven new levels by Aymeric du Peloux to his "MyrioCosmos" level collection. 
    The license text for the levels in the "du Peloux" collection was not fully compatible with the GPL license.
    Thanks to Aymeric du Peloux for modifying the license for his levels, so its fully compatible with GPL.
  • New plugin script for running the "Takaken" solver
    Added a plugin script for running the "Takaken" solver by Ken'ichiro Takahashi (Takaken).
    At the time of writing, the three best solvers are Festival, Sokolution, and Takaken, and now all three of them can be called directly from Sokoban YASC.
    Please note, however, that the Takaken solver plugin does not work as smoothly as the two other solver plugins because the Takaken solver has a GUI interface (graphical user interface) instead of a so-called command line interface, and its screen activities cannot be fully suppressed.
    The  first time you activate this plugin, you will be asked to edit its settings.
    In particular, you must specify where the Takaken solver program itself is located on your computer.
    The program must reside in a folder with read and write permissions because the program stores a text file with its settings in the same folder as the program.
    The plugin is tightly coupled to the Takaken program version 7.2.2, dated 2008-January, and the plugin cannot be expected to work with older or newer versions.
    Thanks to Matthias Meger (the author of JSoko) for extensive testing, and for help getting the script to work under Wine on Linux.
    Thanks to Joris Wit (the author of Sokoban++ for PC computers and Soko++ for Android) for detailed information on how to make such a Takaken solver plugin.
  • Bugfix for levels with all boxes starting on goal squares
    For levels with all boxes starting on goal squares there are two types of solutions: Trivial zero-moves solutions and solutions with at least one push.
    The solver window accepts both types of solutions from the installed solver plug-ins, but zero-pushes solutions are not saved. In batch processing mode (i.e., when solving several levels in one batch), levels with a zero-pushes solution appeared on the screen without a checkbox for selection.
    That made it impossible to select these levels again for a second try (for  instance, with another solver plug-in) or even to delete these levels from the task queue. 
  • Bugfix for the YASS Sokoban solver
    On rare occasions, the accompanying YASS Sokoban level solver program falsely claimed having found a solution.
    The Sokoban YASC host program is supposed to handle that situation gracefully, but failed to do so.
    The false solutions were put on the optimization task queue for processing.
    Thanks to Anian Wu for reporting this bug.
  • Bugfix for the feature "Calculate pushes lower bound"
    The feature "Calculate pushes lower bound" is available via the keyboard shortcut "0" (the digit zero, not the letter "O").
    The calculation took the player starting position in the game into account.
    Sometimes, this could make the result a little higher than the true lower bound.
  • Various bugfixes and improvements of the built-in SokLisp scripting language
  • Minor other changes

A feature comparison of the main Sokoban programs can be found in the Sokoban Wiki.


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