Sokoban YASC 1.667 has been published

Brian Damgaard has published a new version of his great and widely used Sokoban YASC program.


The release notes for this new version:

  • Solver plugin update for Takaken solver 7.3.1
    The plugin script for running the Takaken solver program from Sokoban YASC has been updated to match the current version of the solver.
    The Takaken solver comes in two flavors: A GUI version (graphical user interface), and a CLI version (command line interface).
    The plugin script targets the CLI version.
    The solver program itself is not bundled with Sokoban YASC and must be downloaded from its own web page.
    Thanks to Matthias Meger for finding the nontrivial solution needed to make this update work.
  • Minor other changes

A feature comparison of the main Sokoban programs can be found in the Sokoban Wiki.


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