Festival Sokoban Solver version 3.1 has been published

Festival is a Sokoban solver written by Yaron Shoham.
It is based on the novel FESS search algorithm.


It was the first Sokoban solver that solved all 90 levels of the XSokoban benchmark.

The solver is a 64-bit Windows program, written in C.


When the "-cores" argument is not given, the program will now choose it based on the detected hardware.


The solvers statistics Wiki page shows how many levels the different solvers can solve.

You can download the solver from the Festival website.

The download also contains a file to install the solver into Sokoban YASC.

For more information please visit the Festival website.

Thanks Yaron, for this fantastic Sokoban solver!

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    Winnie Pangratz (Monday, 12 February 2024 15:09)

    An error tends to occur with the message: "Different Cache Value".

    Nothing is wrong with the level itself, I guess it's a bug?


    Winnie (Belgium)

  • #2

    Matthias (Monday, 12 February 2024 15:21)

    Can you please post the level?

    According to the source code of Festival displays this message when there is a collision of hash values. This might happen in rare cases. It might be that when you start the solver again for the same level the solver will solve it.

    It's difficult to fix this.

    Yaron (the author of Festival) isn't working on the solver anymore.
    Hence, it may be that this will never be fixes.

    On thing you can try: add new walls at the outside of the level. This may change the hash value.