JSoko is a Java program for playing the Sokoban game. 

It's developed as an open source program at www.sourceforge.net

Current version of JSoko is 1.99

Latest Sokoban News

Sokolution version 5.0 has been published

Florent Diedler has released a new version of Sokolution - one of the currently best Sokoban solvers.


This version can solve 89 of the 90 XSokoban levels!


Change log for this new version:

  • The packing sequence algorithms have been improved a lot
  • The deadlock engine has been improved a bit
  • Improved XSB parser - but this version will not be able to load malformed levels
  • The solver can now solve huge levels with at most 4 boxes
  • Fixed few bugs in the packing sequence
  • Small miscellaneous fixes

The solver can also be used from Sokoban YASC for those who like to use a GUI.


You can find details about which levels have been solved in the  Wiki .


JSoko 1.99 has been published

A new JSoko version has been released.

Please check out the release notes.


This release just contains a small bug fix for those who don't use the JSoko installer.



As always: please report any bugs, problems or suggestions to: JSoko@mail.de


Sokoban Minimum Moves Solver

Ken'ichiro Takahashi (Takaken) has published "Sokoban Minimum Moves Solver Version 1.2",
 a solver searching for minimum moves solutions.


It can process levels having at most 8 boxes.

Moreover, the last 20 moves are not displayed after solved, according to the website.


You can find more information and even the source code of this solver at his website






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