JSoko is a Java program for playing the Sokoban game. 

It's developed as an open source program at www.sourceforge.net

Current version of JSoko is 1.90

Latest News

JSoko 1.90 has been published

A new JSoko version has been released.

Please check out the release notes.


As always: please report any bugs, problems or suggestions to: JSoko@mail.de


New Sokoban Group

A new Sokoban group has been published at https://groups.io/g/sokoban.

Since the old one at Yahoo has closed this new group is a good alternative place to meet other Sokoban fans!

You can join that group at https://groups.io/g/sokoban/join


By the way: users who like Facebook can also join the new Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/539527933307469/


Hence, there are now two alternatives for the old yahoo group.


Sokolution version 4.01 has been published

Florent Diedler has released a new version of Sokolution - the currently best Sokoban solver.


This version is just a small update that improves the detection of frozen PI-Corral and fixes small bugs that should not really impact the solving. 


Change log :

  • Improve frozen PI-Corral algorithm
  • Fix bug in header of the stats csv file
  • Fix the number of levels for Microban 2 in batch files

You can find details about which levels have been solved in the  Wiki .



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