JSoko is a Java program for playing the Sokoban game.9)

It's developed as an open source program at www.sourceforge.net 

Current version of JSoko is 2.01

Latest Sokoban News

Takaken solver 7.3.1 has been published

Ken'ichiro Takahashi (Takaken) has published version 7.3.1 of his great Sokoban solver.


The program requires a 64-bit version of Windows and at least 4 GB RAM.


This version can solve all 90 XSokoban levels! 


Release notes for this version:

  • Previous versions sometimes reported unnecessarily long solutions where the level was solved but the solution continued until the level was solved a second time.
  • This new version has no solution size limit anymore (previous version 150000 moves).

You can download the solver from this page: https://computerpuzzle.net/english/sokoban/ver731/index.html


Sokoban for Windows 3.3 build 8 has been published

Björn Källmark has published Sokoban for Windows version 3.3 build 8.


The release notes for this new version:

  • New handling of license discount.
  • Various bugs fixed.

A feature comparison of the main Sokoban programs can be found in the Sokoban Wiki.



JSoko 2.01 has been published

A new JSoko version has been released.

Please check out the release notes.


As always: please report any bugs, problems or suggestions to: JSoko@mail.de



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