Moves menu

Undo all moves

Jumps back to the start of the level. The game history is still available after this has been done. Hence, it's possible to redo all moves.


Undo move

The last move is undone.


Replay moves (since version 1.68)

Replays all remaining moves.


Redo move

The next move of the game history is redone.


Redo all moves

All moves of the game history are redone.


Go to move...

Jumps to a move specified by the user.

Note: If the game history isn't created by playing with the keyboard, JSoko treats all pushes of the same box as a single movement. This speeds up undo and redo functionality.


Show lurd string

Displays a text box containing the moves played so far. The non-pushing player moves are represented by the lowercase characters: l(eft), (u)p, r(ight) and (d)own, whereas the pushing player moves are represented by their uppercase counterparts. 


Copy moves to clipboard

Copies the moves done so far to the clipboard. The moves are copied using the characters l, u, r and d.


Copy moves x-y to clipboard

Copies the moves x-y to the clipboard. x and y are specified by the user. Example: 20-25 copies the moves 20-25 to the clipboard.The moves are copied using the characters l, u, r and d.


Paste moves from clipboard

Plays the moves found in the clipboard as if they were played using the keyboard. Example: if "rr" has been copied to the clipboard and you select "paste moves from clipboard" the player moves two squares to the right (if possible).