Game view

The game view shows the level and is used for playing.

At the top the played moves and pushes are counted. In the middle of the top info text the level title is shown (here: "Just for fun 1"). At the right the level number and the total number of levels in the collection is shown.


In the middle you can see the level. You can play by using the cursor keys or using the mouse. See How to play for a description of how to play the game.


At the bottom of the game view you can see a status bar showing information in specific situations.

Note: depending on the chosen background image and skin the game may look different.


History slider

The history slider can be used for quickly navigating through the game history.


The history slider is the rectangle under the title bar showing the number of moves and pushes, the level title and the level number. You can click anywhere in this rectangle for immediately jumping to a specific position in the game history. When hovering over a specific position in the rectangle the status bar at the bottom shows information about which position in the game history is represented by the position the mouse is hovering over.


The history slider is also useful to quickly search for a specific position in the game history. Therefore click somewhere in the history slider and move the mouse left and right while holding the left mouse button down.