Frequently asked questions

  • I have found a bug. What should I do?
    Please report bugs by writing an e-mail to: JSoko(at)

  • Level x seems to be unsolvable.
    All levels that are included in JSoko are solvable.
  • It's difficult to make a double click under Linux.
    Java applications don't use the general double click time set in the mouse preferences. You can try this:
    Check if there is a file .Xresources in your home directory. If not create one (it's a simple text file).
    Open the file and add this line to the file:
    *multiClickTime: 400

    Substitute 400 with your preferred time (in milliseconds).

    This new setting takes effect the next time you log in. However, you can immediately set this setting by executing this on the command line:
    xrdb ~/.Xresources

    This setting has been tested using Ubuntu.