How to play

You can move the player by using the arrow keys or by using the mouse (or both, of course).
Please ensure JSoko has the focus when using the keys (just click one time in the JSoko window to ensure this).

Playing by keyboard

Action Key
Move the player Arrow keys
Undo last move [Delete] or [Backspace]
Redo move from history [Insert
Previous level [Page up]
Next level [Page down]

Playing by mouse

You can move the player by just clicking at the position the player should move to.
JSoko automatically calculates the best path (regarding the number of moves to be done) and moves the player to the clicked position.
If it's impossible for the player to move to the clicked position the player simply doesn't move at all.

To push a box to a certain position, you have to click on it to select it first.

Depending on the skin theme, the box may change its appearance to indicate it is selected.

JSoko indicates which positions the box can be pushed to by showing a small transparent graphic of the box on every reachable position.

JSoko automatically checks for deadlocks that might occur when pushing a box.
Hence, some of the reachable positions may not be marked with a small transparent graphic - these positions are reachable for the box but pushing the box to those positions will result in the level to be unsolvable.

After selecting a box simply click on the target position. Then JSoko automatically calculates all player moves and pushes to be done for pushing the box to the target position.
JSoko automatically chooses the best path, where 'best' depends on what is selected in the settings: it's either:

- a push optimal path with best moves


- a move optimal path with best pushes

The mouse wheel can be used to browse through the history of moves.

for the described actions the main window showing the level must have the focus.

If playing by keys shouldn't work try clicking somewhere on the shown level to focus the level window.

Generally, it's recommended to play the game by using the mouse. This way you can use the automatic path finding for pushing a box a long distance from one position to another.

You can find more information about the Sokoban game at The Sokboan game.