Solutions sidebar

The solutions sidebar is the main GUI for all actions and information about the solutions of the currently loaded level. The sidebar is shown by hovering the mouse over the button at the left side of the game GUI.


The best moves and the best pushes solutions are displayed with a corresponding icon next to them.


The sidebar is closed when the clicking at the board. It's possible to pin the sidebar so it stays open after clicking at the board. Just select the pin icon at the top right of the solution sidebar.


Double clicking a solution loads the solution for replaying it (for instance by using the mouse wheel).


Use the context menu (usually activated by clicking the right mouse button) to do the following:

  • take a solution as new movement history in the game
  • Importing a solution from the clipboard
  • Copying the selected solutions to the clipboard
  • Show the lurd representation of a solution
  • Hide solutions. This is useful if there are a lot of solutions in the list and you only want to see specific solutions.
  • Show all solutions again (if some solutions have been hidden before)
  • Delete a solution. Note: this really deletes the solution from the level. If the level has been loaded from the database the solution is also deleted from the database.
  • let JSoko move the best moves and best pushes solution to the top of the list
  • order the solutions by moves or pushes