Skin Menu

The skin menu starts with a menu for the skins of every author.

JSoko includes skins from Gerry Wiseman and Björn Källmark. Simply open the menu of any author and move the mouse over the skins. You can see a preview of a skin while the mouse is hovering over the name of a skin. In order to set the skin as new skin in the game, select it with the left mouse button.


If you don't want to change the current skin, just leave the skins menu with a mouse click somewhere outside the menu.


JSoko supports the "skn" format. You can download such skins from On that site open the Downloads section and select "Skins". The downloaded skins must be saved in the JSoko folder "/skins/skn format/" in order to use tem in JSoko. JSoko has to be restarted in order to use the new skins.


Show animations

Some skins offer animations for highlighting selected boxes or the selected player. You can switch animations on and off using this checkbox.


Note: JSoko currently only supports animations for a selected box but not for a selected player.


Set animation delay

The delay between two frames of the animation. Adjust this value according to your personal preference.


Background image

You can select a new background image used in JSoko. Hovering over the names of the background images shows a preview of them. You can select one by pressing the left mouse button.