Sokolution 2.0 has been released!

Florent Diedler has published Sokolution v2.0


This isn't just a minor release of the solver.


Version 2.0 of Sokolution is now the best existing solver for Sokoban levels!


For many years Takaken's solver has hold the world record for solving the most Sokoban levels.

However, it now has been outperformed by Sokolution 2.0.


Sokolution can solve 3026 levels of the 3424 levels used for testing the solvers in the Sokoban Wiki.

The Wiki result page hasn't been updated, yet. However you can find the results for Sokolution 2.0 at Florent's page.


3026 solved levels is a new world record!


Everyone who has tried to write a solver for Sokoban levels knows that it's really hard to solve many levels. I have implemented a solver in my Java program JSoko and have worked on it for a long time. However, I have no idea how Sokolution can solve so many levels that fast!


Therefore I have to say: Congratulations Florent! Great job!


I hope Florent will publish some background material for his solver so everybody can learn something about how it works.


You can download Sokolution and use it in Sokoban YASC as a solver plugin.
Try it out, it's a really unbelievable fast Sokoban solver!